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  • Patches of black,white,brown,in uneven forms on surface of canvas and a blue,white distinctive square on left side top corner.
  • Painting of shirt hunk on hanger, a ladder drawn in square and rectangle.
  • Monochrome of blue with drawing of fort structure and butterfly on the left of canvas.
  • A face distorted with a oblong neck and patches of blue on nose lips and eyes.Green and black colored painted on face.
  • A painting with a sculptured finish, a face on a pedestal, rainbown in the brain with a sky panted on top.
  • Ladakh landscape by Ramkumar oil on canvas monochrome painting showing snow land and some part of hills abstract work.
  • Akbar padamsee metascape 1984 depicting abstract modern landscape painting banks of the river sand deposit and red,yellow color are prominent visible.
  • A pencil shading with subtle surface and minimal form in the bottom left of paper.
  • Oil on canvas nalini-malani title his life 1980 shows a dramatic situation of a house family members invalid him talk.
  • A form with a minuscule detailed orgasm drawn on a shaded surface of a paper.