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  • Four abstract form (like human)a standing in the middle of green background.
  • Brush strokes of black on canvas in horizontal manner
  • An abstract patches on the bottom of canvas in green,blue,black,and white.
  • Painting with three men one holding axe walking.Another man in blue holding torch in hand, third man holding a stick and walking.
  • Painting of a man sitting on chair and another man sitting down holding a thread to air the person on chair.
  • Black and white print (Etching)a prominent glass door is open through it outside trees are visible and a straight road is visible side by jungle trees are very prominent.
  • Graphic print (Etching)black,gray,print showing crows are sitting on wooden planks sky is plain gray and black for ground is black in color.
  • Graphic print abstract work image look's like steps and glass balls are flowing down the steps it is in black and gray color.
  • Graphic print Hindu ganpati temple ganpati in orange color background is safe a gray and three bells are in white color,white walls around is light yellow.
  • Ladakh landscape by Ramkumar oil on canvas monochrome painting showing snow land and some part of hills abstract work.