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  • Painting of shirt hunk on hanger, a ladder drawn in square and rectangle.
  • A pencil shading with subtle surface and minimal form in the bottom left of paper.
  • A form with a minuscule detailed orgasm drawn on a shaded surface of a paper.
  • Figures of a boys, faces with eyes wide open staring and a man standing on a footpath with his eyes closed
  • A landscape with bushes and butterfly intense green and yellow color on canvas
  • Monochrome of blue with drawing of fort structure and butterfly on the left of canvas.
  • A face distorted with a oblong neck and patches of blue on nose lips and eyes.Green and black colored painted on face.
  • A painting with a sculptured finish, a face on a pedestal, rainbown in the brain with a sky panted on top.
  • Painting with three men one holding axe walking.Another man in blue holding torch in hand, third man holding a stick and walking.
  • Painting of a man sitting on chair and another man sitting down holding a thread to air the person on chair.