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  • Fragments of a bowl, black & red ware with round base, mended.
  • Fragments of a vase - mended - black & red ware, featureless rim, vertical tapering body.
  • Fragments of a bowl, black & red ware, mended, featureless rim & round base.
  • Fragments of a ring stand, mended, red ware with red polish.
  • Terracotta finial - conical - dull red ware with red wash. Broken at bottom.
  • Pot, bulbous body, round base, red ware, with red slip & incised line bands on the shoulder. Mended.
  • Pot sherd - red ware, coarse fabric & red wash with Brahmi letter "Ma" slightly defaced.
  • Miniature handy type of pot - improperly burnt - dull wash.
  • Miniature pot - Sunken neck, worn-out base & rim also missing. Dull red wash.
  • Miniature pot - red ware, handy type, aperture in the base.