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  • Lime Stone - lintel beam depicting Left to Right: Mithuna, preaching Buddha seated, Mithuna, Mara's attack, Mithuna, Mahabhinishkramana, Mithuna, Siddhartha surrounded by musicians, Mithuna. Inscription below.
  • Lime Stone- Ornate Gateway pillar depicting elephants, camels, creeper design etc. Mended.
  • Lime Stone - Ornate Gateway pillar depicting elephants, camels, creeper design etc. Mended.
  • Lime stone - depicts Sasa Jataka (Mended). Mutilated drum slab narrating Sasa-Jataka in the extant lower panel. Bodhisattva born as a hare (Sasa), the hermit's environs in which he lived and the companions - monkey, Jackal and otter are all appropriately depicted. The main action of the story viz., the hare leaping into the fire in order to roast himself is shown prominently .
  • Lime Stone- Ayakpata showing transportation of Siddhartha's head gear(crown)to heaven by the gods accompanied by musicians with instruments. Mended.
  • Lime Stone - The Buddha head(bust) with sharp features and prominent Urna, long ear lobes and circularly twisted hair. Below the Neck mended.
  • Lime Stone- Lintel-beam depicts legends of Mandhatu and Madhubindu. Purnakhumba is carved on either side of its extreme end. Mended.
  • Lime Stone- Cornice beam- depicts from Left to Right, Salabhnjaka, Nanda's conversion in (three) panels and prediction of Dipankara in the extreme right panel, three Mithuna panels in between, partly mended.
  • Lime Stone- Lintel beam Showing from Left to Righ: Mithuna, Vajrapani and Apala, Mithuna, Mandhatu, Mithuna, Mara's assault, Mithuna, Sibi Jataka, Mithuna, worship of the relic Casket, Mithuna. Mended.
  • Lime Stone- Stupa slab showing Buddha being protected by seven headed Naga-Muchalinda. At top corners - standard bearers, Garland bearers and musicians.