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  • Ganga-jamni leaf shaped flat tray having creeper designs in arch shaped panels.
  • Brass basin (sailabchi)with lid in leaf and geometrical designs all over. (A bidri basin (sailabchi)). Lid of the sailabchi is in perforated design.
  • Iron helmet bearing traces of gold work propesely decorated in low relief floral designs.
  • Ink stand fitted with mosaic panels on four round legs. Two doves on each round panel in front flower bunch, doves with dish on the back, lion and dong on either side, and pair of doves on the top. Gilted all over.
  • Chinese pony Stirrup piece with leather strap painted with five clawed dragons. Two metallic knobs on the top of the feet rest. (Horse stirrup)
  • Iron helmet representing various scenes such as hunting, seated figurines etc. with inscriptions and in traces of gold work in panels with hanging mesh (zali).
  • Hexagonal metal ink stand with lid.
  • Chinese bowl with lid handle on four legs with seal at the bottom and with a figure of dog on top.
  • Inscribed begging bowl carved relief designs with Persian standing figure made of shell with brass chain.
  • A metallic stepping pieces. Horse saddle foot rest. Cut dots in three lines on foot rest.