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  • Painted porcelain figure of a French soldier standing near a flower pot on a pedestal.
  • Miniature standing figure of a soldier wearing an elongated cap and holding a gun in his right hand.
  • Standing figure of a French soldier, wearing a green coat. Floral design over the base. Jambia in left side.
  • Standing figure of a soldier, his hand placed on the girdle, leaning on a white pedestal.
  • Standing figure of a soldier, wearing green coat, holding a flower in right hand, and leaning on a tree trunk.
  • Soldier on white colored horseback; horse in running pose. Mark: crossed swords.
  • Miniature standing figure of a dwarf soldier, holding sword in right hand and shield in the left hand, wearing a red coat and black cap.
  • Soldier on white colored horseback, wearing red coat on an oval base with crown and R mark near the sword. Marks crossed swords.
  • Soldier wearing red coat, riding on a horse. Mark: Five hooded crown with letter N.
  • Soldier wearing green coat, riding on horseback, marked.