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  • Joseph Moorhouse was commissioned from the ranks, joining the Madras Artillery in 1768. He was killed, aged 47, leading an assault on the Pettah Gate at Bangalore during the 3rd Mysore War (1790-1792). Mortally wounded, he lies in the centre of the scene, supported by Captain Douglas of the 74th (Highland) Regiment. Others include the second-in-command, Major-General William Medows, riding a brown horse to the right, and Captains Wight, Wynch and Burn in the centre. The assault on the Pettah Gate proved successful and the enemy was routed. Tipu Sultan, the ruler of the State of Mysore, was forced back to his fortress capital of Seringapatam where, after a few months, peace was signed.
  • Viscount Lake (Baron of Delhi and Laswarree 1744-1808) and his son on their arrival at Futtehghur (1804). Lake was the Commander-in-Chief of India from 1801-07.
  • Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of the British East India Company's Empire in India, 1786-93. Served in the American War of Independence and the campaign against the Irish rebellion. Won an abiding fame during his first Indian administration by introducing the Permanent Settlement in 1793. He came back to India in 1805 for a second term in office, but died within a few months of his arrival.
  • The Marquess of Hastings, K.G.: Known as The Lord Rawdon between 1762 and 1783, and as The Earl of Moira between 1793 and 1816. British politician and military officer who served as Governor- General of India from 1813 to 1823.
  • Born 1799, died 1869. A Prominent English Statesman, Prime minister in 1852,1858-59, and Secretary of state for India during 1866-68.
  • Lord Elgin(1811-63) has a busy and varied career. After being in turn Governor of Justice and Governor General of Canada, he was sent in 1857 as envoy to China and Japan, and negotiated treaties with both countries. In 1862 he arrived at Calcutta as Viceroy. His period of office was cut short by his death at Dharamsala in modern Himachal Pradesh in November 1863.