Illustrated manuscript Prajnapamita Hrdaya sutra
Title Illustrated manuscript Prajnapamita Hrdaya sutra
Accession Number 2003/17/353-c
Title2 Stein No.: Ch.xviii.002
Museum Name National Museum, New Delhi
Gallery Name Central Asian Antiquities
Object Type Central Asian Antiquities
Main Material Paintings
Component Material II Paper
Origin Place Dunhuang
Find Place Dunhuang
Period / Year of Work 890 A D
Inscription Inscription in the cartouche on the left: 'Praise to Vaisramana, Devaraja of the North'.
Dimensions 13.7 x 12.5 cm
Brief Description This manuscript contains four beautiful drawings of four Lokapalas, viz. Vaisravana, Virudhaka,Virupaksa and Dhrtarastra. Here in this folio Vaisravana sits on demons , clad in full martial uniform, with his right hand holding a pike with triple pennon, and a stupa in the left. On his right side is a standing figure wearing a hood of tiger skin. The inscription in the cartouche on the left: 'Praise to Vaisramana, Devaraja of the North'. The text is written in Chinese characters. The cover is also scripted with the Chinese characters. This manuscript is not only beautifully illustrated but also dated. The inscription of this folio reads as below (by Waley):- "On the 18th day of the 2nd month of the 2nd year of Lung Chi (A.D. 890), the disciple, the Chiang-shih-lang, acting as Secretary to the Shen Armay of the Left, Assistant in the Censorate, pillar of His Country, bearer of the Red Fish portfolio, Chang Chin-o, with revent heart copied and illustrated this volume of sutras, containing passages referring to his patron Buddha, with pictures of the Four Lokapalas and Six Spirit Captains, etc., by whose power he was able to obtain official rank and was decorated with robes of honour; in record of which he now makes this perpetual offering. His cousin, the priest His-shou, joins in this act of piety".