Svachchhanda Bhairavi
Title Svachchhanda Bhairavi
Accession Number 64.102
Museum Name National Museum, New Delhi
Gallery Name Archaeology
Object Type Archaeology
Main Material Bronze
Origin Place Chamba, Himachal Pradesh
Period / Year of Work 11th-12th Century AD
Dimensions 37 x 23 cms.
Brief Description Image of five faced and ten armed devi Svachchhanda Bhairavi seated on and supported by a four armed male figure seated cross legged on a lotus placed on a inscribed pedestal. She holds in her right pair of hands a sword, lotus, trident or discus with a trident inside it, skull and in the left hands a goad, noose, book. Her fourth of the five right hands is in abhayamudra and the corresponding left in the varadamudra. She wears crowns on all her five heads and is heavily ornamented. The vahana of the deity supports the devi with his rear hands, while his front hands are in anjalimudra. Below to the right and left of the devi are shown Ganesa and Siva both in the dancing posture. Two small figures of devotees are shown on the pedestal, while the donor of the image is shown to the left below near the pedestal, seated with folded hands. The main figure is surrounded by a trefoil shaped aureole of flames (jvala- mala). There is an inscription on the pedestal in front.
Detailed Description This is the unique bronze image of five headed and ten armed devi, Svachchhanda Bhairavi from Chamba in Himachal Pradesh. She is seated in lalitasana on the shoulders of a four armed male figure, identified as Siva. The pose with seated legs crossed at the ankles on a lotus is mounted on a inscribed pedestal. Four heads of Devi face the four cardinal directions and the fifth is placed on top. In her right hands, she holds the sword, lotus, trident and skull while in the left hands she holds a goad, noose, manuscript and purmaghata. One pair of her hands displays the abhaya and varadamudra. She is adorned with various ornaments. With two rear hands, her vahana supports the goddess, while the front two are in anjalimudra. He is looking up towards the goddess. An aureole of issuing flames is shown around these figures. On either side of the lotus on pedestal two human figures are shown, one seated in dhyana and the other is in anjalimudra. On both sides of the pedestal, Ganesha and Karttikeya, riding their mounts, show militant posture. Another figure is seated in anjalimudra in front of the Kirttikeya. This is a very fine example of the early medieval art of Himalyan region. B.C. Chhabra identifies this bronze as Svachchhanda Bhairavi, while Sivarama