Accession Number LXII-5
Museum Name Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad
Gallery Name Not Available
Object Type European Paintings
Main Material Oil on Canvas
Main Artist Albert Moore
Artist's Nationality ENGLAND
Artist's Life Date / Bio Data 1880
Provenance ENGLAND
Origin Place ENGLAND
Period / Year of Work 19TH CENTURY
Dimensions 139.5 L X 71.0 W , 112.3 L X 42.9 W (ONLY PAITING)
Brief Description Hydrangeas; shows a nude lady standing in a bathroom with Hydrangea flowers on either side of her, the artist wanted to contrast the beauty of woman with flower, by Albert Moore.
Detailed Description Albert Moore's picture in Museum titled "white Hydrangeas shows a standing nude of pure beauty and classical elegance. The white Hydrangeas, the only accessories in the picture, are eye-catching in their silver tones; they serve to set off the beauty of the lady. The color, subtle in contrast and restrained in usage, is worked into soft and hazy appearance. The picture appears to be Albert largest as most office productions are small.