Accession Number XLII-208
Museum Name Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad
Object Type BRONZE
Main Material Brass
Country NEPAL
Provenance NEPAL
Origin Place NEPAL
Period / Year of Work 19TH C
Dimensions 28.5H, 16.3WD(BASE)
Brief Description Seated figure of Maitreya Buddha in contemplation. He sits cross legged, one hand resting on his legs with open palm and the other showing the figures downward. A prominent protrusion on head.
Detailed Description A 28.5 cms high image is also are presentation of Maitreya belonging to the 19th century. Here also he sits in padmasana with the right hand in the earth touching posture (Bhoomi Sparsha mudra)but the left hand placed in the lap has only the posture of holding the nectar pot, the actual pot is absent. The crown is shaped like a bud and the figure wears ornaments. The pedestal is plain and there is no nimbus.